“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given…” (Isaiah 9:6, NKJV)

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CFH 2018

The joy of Christmas!

Last December, a group from Florida, Indiana, and Illinois made the 3,500 foot hike above the Haitian basin to reach the mountain village of ChaCha. This remote village was teeming with life as the village children were waiting expectantly to hear the Christmas story and receive their Christmas gift. It was such a precious time. While telling the story we would ask them, “Why? Why would God have Jesus born in a barn? If He was the Son of God, why wasn’t he born like a king in a rich place like the palace in Port Au Prince, or in a very rich home or in a very wealthy nation? Why a barn in the dusty village of Bethlehem?”

He was born in a barn because anyone who is willing, can come into a barn. You don’t need fancy clothes or a lot of money, you can just walk right into a barn. The children listened intently and their eyes began to widen with understanding. I told them, “Jesus came to where you would feel welcome. He grew up in a village much like yours. He helped take care of His brothers and sisters and did chores very much like you do. He came in a way and in a place where you could reach Him and touch Him.”

We will also be visiting other villages and we are trusting to see each of the 25,000 gifts find the child that God has prepared to receive them.

Many children responded that afternoon when the call came to open the door of their hearts to Jesus. And after the invitation, they sang with all their hearts! It would have melted your heart if you could have seen their faces as they waited so patiently, only to explode with joy as they opened their Christmas gift. The Presence of God was among us because Jesus came to their village. His present on that day last December was His Presence and His Life given to each of them.

We were all encouraged and so very blessed to share with the children and village of ChaCha your love through this small Christmas gift and the story of Jesus. This one little gift is the most they will receive all year long. But it’s not just the gift that you help us give, it’s the anticipation of the celebration of His life that makes the difference. Thank you for giving us the privilege once again to share the Christmas story!

We have counted it a great honor to work hand in hand with Missionary Phyllis Newby since 1983 when she took us under her wings. She has been a life “poured out” for the people of Haiti. And now, with over 270 churches under her charge, she keeps loving and giving at 80 years of age. Like Caleb of old she still prays, “Give me the hill country (of Haiti) as you promised me…!”

CFH 2018

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Celebrating Christmas!

Would you consider helping us get this gift and the Gospel message out again? For less than $1 per gift, you will make a difference in a nation ravaged by poverty. Children will smile and for a little while, they will forget their hard lives, open their gift and embrace the incredible joy of Christmas.

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This year we are again trusting to send 25,000 gifts, but we need your help! Would you consider helping us get the Christmas message out and express God’s love through this gift? Just think, the joy at your own home each Christmas season can be shared and multiplied 25,000 times! You can give directly through Paypal right here at Or, you can write your tax deductible donation to Hand to the Plow Ministries and earmark it for Christmas for Haiti. Thank you for giving the gift of love!

Thank you for loving Haiti!

God bless you!

You can be a part of this great Christmas adventure in Haiti!
Your gift not only tells the Christmas Story, it offers the children an expression of God’s love that was shed abroad when He came to Earth on that glorious Christmas night!