The Walker’s South African
Discipleship Ministry

William Carey School
of World Mission

Durban, South Africa

We are currently endeavoring to raise funds to drill a water well on the campus. This well will enable the school to be more self-sustaining and reduce operational costs.

Please consider supporting the school
in this endeavor.

Thank you!

Mark & Linda Walker

Mark and Linda Walker came on board with Hand to the Plow in 1990. As you will read below, they have had a passion for Africa, William Carey School of World Mission and seeing disciples raised up through that work to be sent around the world. Mark is an effective teacher of the Word and we count it a privilege to work hand in hand with them.

Steve Coder, President
Hand to the Plow Ministries

The object of our ministry is the Lord

Our ministry to South Africa began in 1990 as evangelist and church planters. We worked in cooperation with indigenous pastors through evangelism, discipleship training, and ongoing mentoring of potential church leaders. God gave us a specific burden for the eastern Indian people of South Africa. Jesus Christ and His Body – the Church – are the focal point of our ministry.

By 2001, the scope of ministry extended beyond the specific people group. As the ministry evolved, our direct involvement with Church planting ceased to allow for concentration on evangelism and
discipleship. We locked in on a single local Church affiliation, which has become our “home away from home” as such – a relationship of nearly 15 years.

In the same year we began to provide Discipleship training for William Carey School of World Mission in Durban, South Africa. The Mission School commenced in 1990 under the vision and direction of Dr. Leslie James, a local South African minister.

William Carey School of World Mission has a focus to train and equip Gospel ministers for world evangelism and to build up the Body of Christ globally. To date, the Mission School has trained and sent indigenous missionaries from and to most of the nations on the African continent. In addition, we have trained missionaries from Australia, Canada, India, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, and Pakistan.

Discipleship teaching at William Carey School of World Mission has become our main thrust of ministry in South Africa for our 24 year tenure.

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Please pray with us in the following areas:

  • Pray that the hearts of the people would be fertile soil for the planting of God’s Word.
  • Pray against all hindrances to what God is calling us to do.
  • Pray for our family.


Financial Statement:
All contributions to Hand to the Plow Ministries are tax-deductible. Please earmark your contributions for the Walkers.